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Nim's Raw Foods Lifestyle
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Almond Milk

"Much later" although it's fast once the almonds are soaked.

2c almonds
3-4c water
honey or dates to taste
1) Soak almonds overnight.  If using dates, soak them also.
2) Drain almonds.  Drain dates and reserve soak-water.
3) Put almonds in blender and cover with (fresh) water.
4) Blend to smooth and add water to desired consistency.  I like my milks creamy enough to coat the sides of the blender. 
5) Add dates or honey and blend.  Date-soak water is also an excellent sweetener, but add it before you decide on your consistency.
6) Pour through tripled cheesecloth or metal strainer.
Almond meal can be made into pie crusts, granola, and other sweets! 

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