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"Much later" but keeps up to 3 months.

Almond meal, left over from making almond milk from 2c almonds
1c pumpkin seeds
1c sunflower seeds
2 apples
1T cinnamon
1t sea salt
1/2c raisins
1) Soak almonds overnight.
2) Soak seeds 6 hours (start in the morning).
3) Make almond milk to obtain almond meal
4) Process seeds
5) Add cored, cut apples and rest of ingredients (raisins can be added now or after drying).  Don't over-process as you'll want some seeds to be whole.
6) Stir in almond meal
7) Spread onto teflex or waxed paper and dehydrate at 105 degrees for 20 to 24 hours.
8) Store in glass jar once all water is removed.

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