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Nim's Raw Foods Lifestyle
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Non-food parts of my life

Stuff Nim does or likes when not thinking about raw foods

Ok, so it's not often, but I do go some stretches without thinking of food. I work from home as a web-head, so I have unlimited access to the fridge. Here's what I do when I'm not cruising the kitchen:

Make web movies or web pages (aka "work").

Daydream about building a castle

Daydream about my orchard and gardens on my 20-acre castle demesne

Daydream about and plan for craft projects such as scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, sewing, and making paper.

Coach a volleyball team

Travel, travel, travel. My most recent non-business trip was to New Zealand in December. I travel a lot to Boston for business and Texas to visit family.