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"Cooking" Tips

Experience is the best teacher...

I'm pretty new to this, but I've learned that some meals "depend" on others.  For instance, when you make veggie crackers, you need veggie pulp.  To get that you need to juice vegetables.  To that end, I've put together a tips to utilize the left-overs from making one dish or another.


Linear eating examples:

  • Veggie juice pulp --> veggie crackers. 
  • Almond milk meal --> granola
  • Mushroom stems and bits --> mushroom soup. 
  • Soak-water from raisins or dates--> use like agave nectar or honey.
  • Dried-tomato soak water --> soups or cracker batters.

General Tips:

  • Squeeze lemons in your fist to catch their seeds.

List of Tips

Tips about:
Veggie juice pulp
Almond meal
Mushroom stems
Soak waters
Lemon juice