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Walnut Pear Torte

A "later" or "much later" recipe, depending on your soaking and drying times.  You could probably forego most soaking and have it "now".

2c walnuts, soaked 8 hr. and dried overnight
4 soft pitted dates
2T honey/agave nectar
1T cinnamon
1t nutmeg
1 pinch salt
1) Chop nuts to a fine meal in a food processor
2) Add the rest of ingredients until mixture forms a ball
3) Press into bottom of pie pan or a torte/tart pan
1.5c cashews, soaked 30 min
1c soft dates, soaked 5-10 min
1/4 c lemon juice
1T vanilla
1T cocobutter or olive oil
1) Drain nuts and dates.  Reserve date-soak water.
2) Combine all in processor, adding water to smooth.
3) Spread over crust.
4 pears, sliced
1) Arrange pear slices over cream
2) Garnish with cinnamon and lemon zest
Tip:  I used about 1/2c almonds with the walnuts and soaked them all together.  You could probably get away without drying the nuts, but it helps to regulate the wetness of the crust if you do dry them.
Tip:  Instead of adding lemon juice to cream, try soaking pears in it and enough water to cover.  This might help keep them from browning, and still get the same flavor contrast as if the lemon were in the cream.  It might also be useful if harder pears need to be softened.

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