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Divine Truffles

Now for the most part.  You can opt to not soak the nuts if you're starving for a treat.

2 c dates, pitted
2 c pecans, soaked 2-4 hours
1 T raw carob powder
1 t vanilla
1) Process all with "S" blade in processor until sticky and forms a ball
2) Roll into small balls and coat with coconut, carob, or ground nuts
Variation:  Add 1/4 c pine nuts to filling to make them smoother and richer.  Soak nuts 1 hour before adding.
Tip:  I cut this recipe in half, added the suggested pine nuts, and rolled them in crushed pecans.  I also was low on dates, so I used some raisins, honey, and raisin-soak water to make up the sweetness.
Other tip:  For the other half of the recipe (also with the pine nuts), I used about 3/4 c hazel nuts instead of pecans and combined some ground cacao beans with the carob, then rolled that truffle in cacao too.  Big, big hits at the fete.

By Rose Lee Calabro, from The Complete Book of Raw Food