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Nim's Raw Foods Lifestyle
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Essene Bread

Definitely much later

2c sprouted wheat berries (soak about 8 hours, drain and rinse every 6-8 hours or so until 1/4" tails form).  Measure after sprouting!
1/2c chopped dates
1/2c soaked raisins
1) Begin soaking and sprouting wheat berries
2) Soak raisins about 4 hours.  You can start this when you see tiny tails emerge from the wheat berries.  If the tails get too long, set them in the fridge to slow the sprouting
3) Homogenize all.  (I used a mixer)
4) Form loaves less than 1.5" on a teflex sheet or waxed paper
5) Dehydrate at 105 degrees for 6-16 hours.  Flip halfway through.  You can also slice the loaf for a crust effect.  You'll want very thin slices, as this is a dense loaf.
Try adding sunflower seeds or other nuts to the mix.  I've been experimenting to make this less dense.