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Nim's Raw Foods Lifestyle
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Easy Pizza

A "Later" recipe, but really it only needs to be warmed a bit. 

1 Plum tomato
6-7 soaked sun-dried tomatoes
tomato soak-water
1 clove garlic
1T Italian herbs of choice
1/3 c sunflowers
2/3 c pine nuts
1 t mustard powder
6 small port mushrooms
1) Soak sunflower seeds 6 hours.
2) Soak sun-dried tomatoes 20 minutes in warm water
3) Blend cheese ingredients to powder, adding water for desired consistency.  I kept mine crumbly.  Remove from blender.
4) Blend tomato and sun-dried tomatoes with garlic and herbs.  Add soak water for desired consistency (saucy)
5) Fill destemmed mushrooms with sauce and top with cheese.  Dehydrate at 105 degrees until warmed or to desired softness of mushroom.

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