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Buckwheat Raisin Toast

Much later

1c buckwheat, soaked 20-60 minutes and sprouted 1-2 days.
1-2 T honey or agave nectar
1/2-3/4c raisins, soaked 1-2 hours
1T psyllium
1) Soak and sprout buckwheat until tiny little tails show.  Make sure you rinse really really well during the sprouting phase.
2) Process buckwheat and sweetener in a blender with enough raisin-soak water to move the blender easily.
3) Add psyllium and mix well.
4) Mix raisins in by hand
5) Spread dough to desired thickness on Teflex or waxed paper.  Thicker dough will take longer to dry.
6) Dry at 105 degrees about 12 hours, then cut into smaller pieces.  Continue drying forever or until the inside is as chewy or dried as you like.  Mine took over 24 hours, but even the driest parts were still good and flaky, like toast.
Tip:  I drizzled agave nectar over the 'toast'.  Also, re-hydrated apricots and raisins make a good spread. 

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