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Strawberry Pie

A later recipe only because of the soaking time.

1.5 c almonds, walnuts or pecans, soaked 8-12 hours.  I used 1/2 c of each type of nut, soaked them, and then dehydrated them overnight so my crust would be dryer.
1/2 t sea salt
pinch cayenne
3/4 c soft dates, pitted.  You can also make up this amount using raisins or a combination.
2/3 c dates, pitted.  Again, make this amount using raisins too.
1 1/3c berries (any kind, but I used all strawberries)
4-6 c sliced strawberries.
2 T psyllium husk powder
1) Puree nuts in a food processor to flour-like consistency. 
2) Add the salt, pepper, and dates/raisins until the mixture sticks together.  Add raisin- or date-soak water to make consistency if needed.  Honey or agave nectar can help, too.
3) Press into pie plate.  I then let my crust dehydrate about an hour or two.  I think it just warmed it up, but maybe got a little crisp on the edges. 
For filling:
1) Blend dates and the 1 1/3 c berries together.  Add sweetener like raisin/date-soak water or agave nectar if the berries are tart.
2) Add psyllium and blend well.
3) Stir into remaining berries
4) Fill pie shell and refridgerate
Tip:  garnish with sliced strawberries and mint.
This recipe used about 3 pints of strawberries.

By Elaina Love, from The Complete Book of Raw Food.
Elaina Love's website is